Mutoh XpertJet XPJ-1642WR

New Generation Water-based Inkjet Printer

XpertJet 1642WR, the successor to Mutoh’s award winning Value-Jet 1638WX water based model, is Mutoh’s new generation 64” (162 cm) wide water-based inkjet printer. It features new unique Mutoh core technologies to bring consistent performance, high-quality output and reliable volume production features.

Based on Mutoh’s brand new XpertJet printer platform, the XPJ-1642WR features 2 brand new ultra wide Mutoh AccuFine piezo variable drop print heads, installed in a staggered configuration. In combination with Mutoh’s new proprietary i-screen weaving technology, the new print heads will deliver exceptional print quality at higher production speeds time after time.

The new XpertJet 1642WR features unrivalled usability for volume producers who need a reliable and worry free workhorse. Multiple product enhancements are integrated, including DropMaster2, Media Tracker, FeedMaster and Nozzle Area Select.

The XPJ-1642WR is ready for production: rolls can be easily mounted thanks to newly designed media core flanges. Continuous printing is made possible with the different motorized take-up systems available for roll weights up to 30, 40 or 100 kg.

Product Highlights

  • Water Based Inkjet printing up to 1625mm (63.97")
  • Brand new AccuFine print head technology on board : Double gain : speed and quality

  • New i-screen weaving technology delivers exceptional print quality

  • Four different print head heights

  • Front media drying unit incorporated

  • Production speeds : 10 – 15 – 30 – 41 – 52 and 61 mÇ/h

  • 4 colour setup

  • Illuminated print bed for job checking visibility

  • Unrivalled usability thanks to multiple new unique Mutoh core technologies

  • Enhanced media handling & transport

  • Ready for volume printing : 30, 40 or 100 kg motorized take up systems

  • Environmentally friendly printing - high level of operator safety


Application Possibilities

In-store textile décor graphics and displays, personalised home decoration, textile banners, fast fashion, shirts, sportswear and much more. Personalised products on all types of polyester coated or polyester based rigids, gadgets and flexible materials. Or create vivid posters in large volumes.