Sign Racer

Large Format Industrial LED UV Printers

Flatbed Range

Complete range of flatbed printers for the most challenging industrial printing applications which demand high precision and high reliability.





  • New colour sets now include Orange and Violet, Light Black and bright fluorescent colours Neon Yellow and Neon Magenta.
  • New digitally printed primer for highest industrial adhesion requirements.
  • New printer can print colours, white and varnish at the same time.
  • High-distance printing accuracy up to 6 mm.
  • Automated 3D Layer printing.
  • Signracer SR-IN ink series for for highest industrial adhesion requirements.
  • Signracer meets the newest directive for Safety of machinery SN EN ISO 13850.
  • Anti-crash sensor for improved safety.
  • Antistatic system (optional)

Anti-static Module

Our anti-static is located between the print heads and LED for highest efficiency. Maintenance friendly design allows easy cleaning of antistatic modules. Antistatic carriage module from KERSTEN in Germany is chosen for its highest performance. KERSTEN has been the leading supplier of system solutions for electrostatics for over 40 years.

Signracer has optimized the printer for distance printing in high quality. With our print heads we can achieve good printing results in a distance of 6-7 mm. Above this distance we have developed a patented technology to achieve good printing results up to 15 mm distance. This technology is already used to print on shoes, tools and components which are not 100% flat.

Next Generation Hybrids

New triple row print head configuration includes unique colour configurations and printing even on rigid materials with included media table.




High Performance UV LED

Signracer printers use the UV integration LED System, which has very high performance and air cooling (no water cooling tubes in the cable chain!). These LEDs Systems are offered with a 3 years warranty. Modular design allows custom LED UV configurations for various applications. LED UV lamps feature long life and light wavelength that perfectly matches the ink.

Our LED is adjustable from 10-100% with maximum power of 14 Watt/cm2. High settings allow quick curing and the best adhesion and lower LED performance can be beneficial for further production processes (CNC machining, stretching materials, etc.)

Reliable Driving System

Cable chain from IGUS in Germany for 24/7 operation. Cable chains are referred to as the lifeline of modern machinery. These durable cable carriers ensure a safe supply of energy, data and inks while under constant motion. Tested for over 2 Million cycles! In combination with linear motor technology it allows a much higher carriage speed of 1.5 m/s compared to 0.8 m/s for the belt system. In addition, the acceleration of the carriage is faster and there is much less vibration and noise.

Roll-to-Roll LED UV Printers

Large format LED UV roll to roll printers are digital printers capable of printing onto wide rolls of media. They use LED UV curing technology, which uses ultraviolet light to quickly dry and cure ink, allowing for fast production. These printers are used for a variety of applications, including banner printing, vehicle wraps, and large-format signage. They offer a high level of quality, accuracy, and color consistency, and can produce large volumes of prints rapidly.


Print width:

Print Heads:
Ricoh Gen.6

Print Heads Count:
2 to 8 (up to 3 rows)



Print width:

Print Heads:
Kyocera KJ4A

Print Heads Count:
2 to 4



Print width:

Print Heads:
Kyocera KJ4A

Print Heads Count:
4 to 10