Azon MonsterJet UV Series

Print direct to objects up to 90cm in height with the Azon Monster Jet UV printer.

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Right Size For Your Business

With Monster Jet Printers you can cover a wide range of applications. Monster Jet can be used in low to high volume productions like printing on suitcases, personalised items, low quantity products branding, while still able to carry out the tasks of a large industrial printer with higher quality results.

Monster Jet Printers have a large spectrum of compatible materials which adds to the application range materials, such as: wood, plastic, ceramic, glass, metal and many others can be printed with a few simple steps.

Removable Table

In order to achieve maximum head clearance (to be able to print on objects up to 92cm in height) the Monster Jet table can be removed. With easy-mount technology, the table can be removed and installed back again in a few minutes.

Loop Mode

This feature will enable you to make precision calculations on how much time you need to create a certain amount of required products. Simply send the amount of copies you need from the RIP software and turn on loop mode.

Rotary Attachment

A plug and play add-on for every Matrix UV printer. Rotary attachment together with Azon RIP software will make your application spectrum even wider.

Please download the PDF brochure below for full specification details.