Neoweld 1300 and 2600

Robust manual cutter for every need, available in 100/130/150/200/250 Width sizes.


Neoweld 1300 and 2600 - next generation impulse welding for hem pockets, joining fabrics or making batten welds.

  • The Neoweld 1300 and 2600 impulse welding are a new alternative to high frequency, hot-air or ultrasonic welding technology, with a substantial reduction of energy consumption and at a lower cost.
  • Ideal for welding hem pockets, joining fabrics or making batten welds.
  • Operation is easy – the screen fabric is placed beneath the welding bars which close welds immediately before the cooling process begins.
  • Easy to control – define up to 20 different welding programs through the intuitive control panel
  • The 1300 welds materials up to 1300m high and 25mm thick. The 2600 welds materials up to 2600m high and 25mm thick.
  • Two optional extension tables are also available to extend your working area by 1 metre to each side of the welding area.

The entire Neolt range is designed and built using the highest quality components, and also to offer a complete wide format printing solution. The range is fully covered and supported by a three-year warranty provided by Atlantic’s national network of highly qualified and experienced engineers.

The Neolt welding products provide superb results while using much less energy consumption that other welding tools. They are ideal for variety of welding jobs including hem pockets, joining fabrics and making batten welds. The Neolt welders are easy to use and simple to control as they have a built-in display panel and an optional lateral side table for creating an enhanced working area. The welders also come with a 3 Year warranty fully supported by Atlantic as standard.