Mutoh XPJ-1682WR

In-store textile décor graphics and displays, personalised home decoration, textile banners, fast fashion, shirts and sportswear and much more. Personalised products on all types of polyester coated or polyester based rigids, gadgets and flexible materials.

Product Highlights

  • The successor to Mutoh’s award winning ValueJet 1638WX
  • Transfer sublimation printing up to 1625 mm (63.97”)
  • Two gold plated piezo drop on demand heads on board, drop sizes from 3.6 pl to 35.6 pl
  • Typical production speeds between 10 m²/h and 48 m²/h 2x4 or up to 8 colour setup
  • Enhanced media handling & transport
  • 30, 40 or 100 kg motorized take up systems
  • Environmentally friendly printing - high level of operator safety

Excellent user experience and optimum quality outputs

  • High precision aluminium rail mechanism for extremely accurate ink dot placement and stable printing.
  • Improved media feed mechanism with newly designed media feed flanges and multi-level pinch rollers with adaptable pressure and individual disable function for worry-free media transport.
  • Illuminated print platform and new intuitive OLED display.
  • Mutoh Intelligent Interweaving on board to deliver spot on print quality.
  • Automated bi-directional alignment and media feed adjustment via built-in colour sensor.
  • Media Tracker feature to easily track remaining media left on a part-used roll