Kala Finishing Systems | Kala XY II 1650 Plus | Automatic XY Trimming System

The Kala XY Automatic Trimmer offers a fast and precise print finishing solution for print shops who specialise in poster & banner creation.

Key Features:

  • 65″ Wide Automatic Media Trimmer
  • Includes Digital Adjustment Of Y Blades Controlled By The Operator
  • Includes Automatic Alignment Function Of The Media Before Cutting
  • Maximum Thickness Of Material: 1mm
  • Maximum Working Length 65″
  • Maximum Roll Diameter: 250mm
  • Operating Speeds Of Up To 18 Meters Per Minute
  • LCD Touchscreen Control Panel
  • Cross Cut Accuracy: +/- 1mm

Machine Includes:

  • 1 x Left Handed Self Sharpening Edging Blade
  • 1 x Right Handed Self Sharpening Edging Blade
  • 1 x Double Edged Central Self Sharpening Splitting Blade


Supply Price:

Call To Purchase: 01279 638 500

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If your business relies on on fast turnaround of posters, flyers or banners then the Kala KalaXY Trimmer enables you to bring in automation at a cost effective price point.

The KalaXY 1650 eliminates the need for production operatives to hand cut media to the required size by automatically feeding, vertically trimming and horizontally cross cutting media to the required size all in one pass.

The KalaXY accepts rolls of media up to 250mm in diameter and up to 65″ in width making it the perfect print finishing solution for large format print shops and production outlets.


Kala KalaXY II 1650 Plus Specifications:

  • Machine Dimensions: Width: 262 | Depth: 73cm | Height: 120cm
  • Electrical Requirements: 110V / 1200W – 230V / 600 W
  • Supported Languages: English | Spanish | German | French | Polish
  • Electrical Adjustment Of Y Blades Controlled By The Operator: No
  • Automatic Alignment Of The Media Before Cutting: No

Kala KalaXY II 1650 Plus

The Kala KalaXY II 1650 XY Automatic Trimmer offers the user several easy to program cutting modes directly from its in-built LCD touchscreen control panel.

Adding an XY Trimming System into your work space will bring about significant financial and time savings into your print finishing department. The inclusion of one of these machines immediately cuts down on the labour intensive tasks in your workshop.

Employing the capabilities of the KalaXY 1650 will allow you to make better use of your cutting plotter by freeing up time that has been used to cut out print & cut files in the past therefore creating further financial growth opportunities for your company.

Kala KalaXY II 1650 Plus: Substrate Capability

  • Paper
  • Vinyl
  • Photo Paper
  • Laminated Substrates
  • Encapsulated Paper
  • Thermal Films
  • Light & Thick Banner Material
  • Polycarbonate

The Trimmer comes as standard with a 3″ Aluminium Feeding Shaft used on Kala’s popular 65″ laminating systems to allow for hassle free integration.

Kala KalaXY II 1650 Pro: Cutting Modes

The KalaXY II 1650 Trimming System is operated directly from the in-built LCD Touchscreen Control Panel and does not need to be connected to a computer to be operated.

The Trimming System identifies start and stop marks which need to be added to your print prior to cutting, these start and stop marks are pre-programmed into most of the popular RIP softwares or failing this can be added in manually.

Cutting Modes:

  • Registration marks can be generated with most RIP softwares available on the market.
  • Automatic trimming without marks at set length can be programmed directly from the touchscreen interface.
  • Cross cutting can be achieved automatically by reading the registration marks or by a defined programmed distance.
  • Longitudinal (Y) blades are positioned manually.

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