Mutoh ValueJet 1638UH

The ValueJet 1638UH is Mutoh’s first ever dual head LED UV printer delivering increased print and cure performance.


The ValueJet 1638UH is Mutoh's first ever dual head LED UV printer delivering increased print and cure performance. At 1625mm (64") wide, the VJ-1638UH is all about versatility; it is the ideal tool to expand your business with a wide range of commercial print applications. The printer accommodates 1625mm wide roll media up to 30kg as well as rigid boards up to 1625mm x 1200mm, 15mm thick and up to 15kg.  For automatic roll to roll, the VJ-1638UH can be equipped with a 30kg, 80kg or 100kg motorised take-up system.

This printer will enable creativity! With a CMYK ink set-up, the VJ-1638UH can also print white and varnish to handle transparent or coloured substrates without losing colour power or to create special print effects and multi-layer printing for added value. Both flex and rigid inks are available.

TheVJ-1638UH will produce high quality graphics for short viewing distances such as trade show graphics, POP and retail signage, backlit banners, individualised wallpaper and interior decoration, small run packaging prototypes, banners and posters

Ink compatibility: Mutoh LED UV Ink. Check with our sales team for the ink types details and further information.

Main features

  • 64in (1625mm) wide LED UV printer
  • CMYK LED UV inks - optional white and varnish for a speciality finish
  • Output immediately dry and ready for use
  • Low energy consumption - low heat generation, ideal for heat sensitive media
  • Output is VOC free, no outgassing, no ozone in production area, no mercury, no lead
  • Automatic media thickness measurement and head height adjustment
  • Mutoh intelligent interweaving inside with dedicated 'UV-weaving'
  • 3-Year Extended Warranty Programme