Azon Soniq

Meet the newest member of the Azon DTG series.

  • Conti ink system and circulation
  • Inline Printing
  • Touchscreen display
  • Premium quality
  • Up to 2880 dpi
  • Refillable ink system

Flatbed SONIQ DTG Printer, enables users to achieve high quality garment printing at an entry level price. The printer adopts the recently developed, fast drying Eco Textile ink certification with the “ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX”. Available in both dual CMYK 4 Colour mode and 5 Colour CMYK + White with reduced graininess and improved fine details, even when printing images with high volumes of ink. These inks have excellent washability which produces a multitude of applications.

Conti Ink System

Handling the inks has never been easier, fast, clean and simple. Azon CONTI, continues ink supply, allows for the printer to be refilled with ink during the printing operations which translate to zero time loss during the refill.

Cost Effective, Low Maintenance

Azon SONIQ is carefully designed to reduce maintenance to a minimum. With Azon RIP software each print will be reproduced in a quality way beyond any competition, but still every aspect of the print will be optimised in order to make is cost effective.

  • Low maintenance
  • Up to 1 week in standby mode
  • Lower print cost
  • Plug and play


Interchangeable snap-on platens

  • Each Azon SONIQ support various platen sizes
  • Various sizes predefined in RIP software
  • Custom size available
  • SNAP-ON system
  • Secure fixture